The company regards the talent for the company's survival and development as the first element and the company's core competitiveness, as well as the company's first capital and the company's most important resource. Companies adhere to both ability and integrity, personnel director principles, focusing on the excellent quality of staff and self-improvement, assiduously, innovation, teamwork and will fully respect their expertise.
The company adhere to the people-oriented concept, to build a competitive and harmonious business platform to meet the business development, but also with personal growth. The company employees base on different trends, establish appropriate employee career rising channel and talent training mechanism. In the culmination of talented employees, while individuals and business develope brilliantly.
+ Deputy Chief Architect Quick Apply
?10 to 15 years of architectural design experience and presided over a medium-sized projects;
?Has the title of senior engineer, a registered architect;
?Has extensive management experience in architectural design and impressive performance, with strong organization, coordination, communication skills and team spirit.
?Sponsored program shall be designed to have a strong design ability and outstanding performance in a particular field or have special expertise;
?Presided over the construction design, and medium-sized construction projects should have presided over the construction design experience and performance, strong sense of responsibility and the ability to deal with technical issues;
+ Chief Architect of Nanjing Branch Quick Apply
?Location: Nanjing Branch
?Assist the general manager of the work in the branch;
?Medium and large independent residential design and construction design work;
?Independently of other types of buildings construction design work;
?Lead the architectural professionalteam and project coordinating;
?Under 40 years old, key institutions architecture degree or above;
?With 8 years of experience in design project, a registered architect;
?Creative ability with excellent programs or construction design skills, strong technical project design process management skills, good communication skills
?Has extensive experience in large-scale projects designed to co-ordinate;
?And medium-sized projects independently chaired the whole process of design, with excellent team leadership and management capabilities;
?Nanjing or the surrounding area with project design work experience;
+ Director Architect of Nanjing Branch Quick Apply
? Location: Nanjing Branch
? Assist the implementation of the project architect architectural design;
? Independently of each type of project design or construction design work;
? Under 30 years old, key institutions of Architecture degree or above;
? Has more than 5 years working experience in A class design units, first-class registered architect is preferred;
? Creative ability with excellent programs or construction design skills, good communication skills;
? Nanjing or the surrounding area with project design experience is preferred;
+ Creative Architects, Project Leaders, Architects Quick Apply
? ?25-45 years old, Bachelor degree in Architecture; ?
? ?More than five years experience in the design institute;?
? ?Strong programs or construction design capability;?
? ?A registered architect is preferred;?
? ?There offshore design company working experience preferred (treated favorably);?
? ?Operating modes and treatment Negotiable;
+ Project Management Engineer Quick Apply
? Bachelor degree or above;
?More than five years experience in the design institute;
? Strong design or construction design and organizational capacity;
? First-class registration or internationally renowned engineering firm working experience is preferred;
? Operating modes and treatment will be discussed face to face;
+Quick Apply
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